Amritpal, associates skipped from automobile at first examine level

Amritpal Singh uncle Harjit Singh, who police mentioned was on run with Amritpal, referred to as Punjabi internet channels to assert that Amritpal and his two related had left the Mercedes automobile as quickly as Punjab police stopped their automobile on the first examine level.

Harjit singh mentioned, “I was with Amritpal were in same car. We were stopped on a police check post. We thought that police wanted to stop us from going to Muktsar for starting Khalsa Vaneer. I came out of car and asked Police why they are stopping us. Police didn’t answer. Amritpal was not in the car when I came back. Amritpal and two security person with him were not in the car. I have seen some videos and believe that he has been arrested or he has been (Killed) in encounter.”

He mentioned, “We were ready to give arrest. I was in touch with police officers and informed them that we were ready to give arrest. We were always in public domain. It seems there is attempt to create fear. What wrong we have done ? All the weapons recovered by police are licensed. Why someone would keep illegal weapons like .12 bore.”

“I am ready to give my arrest. If Police don’t come to arrest me then I will give to nearby Gurudwara in morning and give arrest. I am in Mercedes car. I am not far away from where we were stopped,” mentioned Harjit Singh.

When requested about police allegations that Amritpal has hyperlinks with ISI, he mentioned, “Some said Amritpal Singh is BJP’s agent. Other said he was Akali agent. These things have being said for long.”

He mentioned, “We have done nothing wrong. Amritpal was motivating people for becoming baptised Sikhs and shun drugs.”

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