Bill in US House to revoke Pakistan’s Major Non-NATO Ally standing: Who introduced within the Bill, its targets

A US Congressman has not too long ago moved a Bill within the House of Representatives to revoke Pakistan’s designation as a Major Non-NATO Ally. The Bill says that for the nation to maintain the standing, the US President must submit a certification to the Congress that Islamabad has met sure situations.

The Bill, HR 80, was launched by Andy Biggs, a Republican who represents the fifth Congressional district of Arizona. Before it could flip right into a regulation with a signature from the President, the Bill needs to be handed by the House and the Senate. For now, it has been despatched to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

What precisely does the Bill say? How does having a ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’ of the US designation assist a rustic? Who is Andy Biggs, member of the Republican Hindu Caucus? We clarify.

What the Bill says

The Bill says that Pakistan needs to be demoted from the foremost non-NATO ally standing until the US President can submit a certification that it has met sure situations.

The situations listed are: “Pakistan continues to conduct military operations that are contributing to significantly disrupting the safe haven and freedom of movement of the Haqqani Network in Pakistan; Pakistan has taken steps to demonstrate its commitment to prevent the Haqqani Network from using any Pakistani territory as a safe haven; the Government of Pakistan actively coordinates with the Government of Afghanistan to restrict the movement of militants, such as the Haqqani Network, along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border; and Pakistan has shown progress in arresting and prosecuting Haqqani Network senior leaders and mid-level operatives.”

The Haqqani community is a terrorist group whose management relies in Pakistan, although it operates majorly in Afghanistan. The community got here into being through the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan within the Nineteen Eighties and was armed and funded by the US and Pakistan to battle the Russians. After 9/11, Haqqani turned in opposition to the US. US officers have lengthy thought-about the Haqqani management to be among the many closest proxies for Pakistan’s ISI.

Major Non-NATO Ally standing

Designation as MNNA entitles a rustic to some army and financial privileges. According to the US Department of State web site, “Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) status is a designation under US law that provides foreign partners with certain benefits in the areas of defense trade and security cooperation… While MNNA status provides military and economic privileges, it does not entail any security commitments to the designated country.”

Who is Andy Biggs?

Biggs belongs to the conservative faction of the Republican Party, and was among the many leaders subpoenaed by the House choose committee investigating the Capitol Hill riots. Biggs was alleged to have been concerned in plans to convey protestors to Washington, and for attempting to influence Arizona state officers that the 2020 election was “stolen”.

Many Republicans have mentioned that Joe Biden unseated Donald Trump within the final Presidential elections by way of unfair means, claims which were debunked. Arizona was among the many states the Democrats flipped in 2020.

A retired legal professional, Biggs, earlier than being elected to Congress, had served within the Arizona Legislature for 14 years. He is former chairman of the Freedom Caucus, thought-about to be probably the most conservative, far-right caucus of the Republican
Party within the US House of Representatives, and was among the many lawmakers who not too long ago disrupted fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker bid.

Biggs can be a member of the Republican Hindu Caucus, based underneath the aegis of the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC). The RHC, based by industrialist Shalabh Kumar, seeks to “provide a single unified platform to build a strong, effective & respected Hindu-American voice in Washington and across the country”, in keeping with its web site, and helps Trump and the Republicans. In October 2022, Trump gave a Diwali speech organised by the RHC at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the place he mentioned he would nominate Shalabh Kumar because the Ambassador to India if was elected as President once more in 2024.

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