Hooda-led panel proposes Legal assure of MSP, mortgage waiver to farmers

In the continued Convention of Congress in Raipur, a committee headed by former Haryana Chief Minister Bupinder Singh Hooda has proposed a authorized assure of minimal help value (MSP) of crops and a mortgage waiver to the farmers.

The Committee on Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, shaped below the management of Hooda, offered its draft within the session and gave detailed details about all of the objectives of the social gathering. It said: “The farmers will be given MSP with legal guarantee under C2 formula of Swaminathan Commission. Not only loan waiver, the party would work towards complete debt relief of farmers and making agriculture a profitable business. Along with this, agriculture will also be given government assistance and banking concessions like industry.”

In his handle, Hooda stated: “Due to the insensitivity of the current government, the farmer is today sad and agitated and is being forced to commit suicide. But the farmer is not destitute, the farmer is not poor, the farmer is silent but not lost his voice. The farmer is sleeping, but not dead. When the sweat of the farmers falls on the ground, mother earth turns it into gold, but when the blood of the farmer mixes with the soil, a revolution is born. The Congress party shares the voice and sufferings of the farmers.”

Hooda committee’s draft insisted that the nation can’t progress with out bettering the situation of the farmers and giving farmers the appropriate and legislation of MSP is most vital. It talked about: “Buying agricultural produce at a price less than MSP should be a punishable offence. Not only this, the price of the crop should be fixed by adding 50% profit on C2 cost, as recommended in 2010 by the Swaminathan Commission and the Group of CMs headed by Hooda.”

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