Hot and humid situations to prevail over metropolis until subsequent week

Mumbaikars are unlikely to get respite from the warmth anytime quickly as the town will proceed to expertise every day most and minimal temperature above regular until center of subsequent week.

According to India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) forecast, the town will proceed to report every day most temperature of at the very least 34-35 levels and evening temperature of round 26 levels together with scorching and dry wind situations for the subsequent few days.

The IMD officers have stated that the first cause behind that is the wind sample since dry wind is blowing above Mumbai.

“These are normal conditions but because of high humidity we are feeling hot during this part of the year,” stated Sunil Kamble, head of IMD, Mumbai.
Kamble stated that at present there isn’t any forecast of pre-monsoon rains in Mumbai. However, a transparent image on monsoon landfall will likely be accessible after the monsoon makes its landfall in Kerala on first week of June.

“The monsoon is expected to begin in Kerala from first week of June, following which it is expected to move northwards. Tentatively we can say that rains will hit Mumbai around June 10-11, but a clearer forecast will be available on the last week of May,” he stated.

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