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Emotional Video Of Boy Receiving Farewell From His House Help Goes Viral

Emotional Video Of Boy Receiving Farewell From His House Help Goes Viral

Anish Bhagat pictured with his house help Reshma and her family.

The idea of moving to a new city is a thrilling adventure and an intimidating change for anyone. But it is an emotional change as well, not only for the one who is moving away but also for the ones who are left behind in the same city. In one such story, a boy, who was moving to a different city was given a farewell by his domestic help and the video is all hearts.

The video was shared by internet user Anish Bhagat on Instagram two days ago. In the video, Anish was seen visiting his house help Reshma’s house. He gets a very warm and traditional welcome with a man putting tilak and a traditional cap on his head. He also shows how Reshma’s entire family was excited to have him over. Mr Bhagat was then served appetizing food cooked by the house help. The boy also claims that it was such an emotional moment for him as well. He then clicked several pictures with the family.

The caption of the video reads, “I can’t express how emotional I am. Reshma di is my best friend. I’ve been very sad about moving out because I’m so used to seeing her everyday. This gesture of her only makes it worse because she has always genuinely cared. The way she welcomed us to her place is just so damn wholesome. Not only that but the amount of efforts she put into making us feel special Is insurmountable.”

He continued, ” I’m sad that I won’t be able to see her as often. However, this isn’t the end for us. It’s in fact a new beginning. Reshma di is always gonna be here with me and with all of you. I’m filled with only gratitude.” 

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Since being shared, the clip has amassed over seven lakh views and 93,000 likes. Many users said that the clip was very wholesome.

A user commented, “Awwww, warmest video on internet today.”

This is so sweet! You are the luckiest with people! I’m sure Reshma Didi will miss you so much and so will you! All the best in the new city bub! (Hope it’s not banglore),” said a second user.

“I am emotional and crying after watching this reel Man. You made me emotional. No one can beat you. More power and success to you, Anish. Love and best wishes to you for your new avenue/journey. You are the most amazing human being and that is what the world needs. Keep pouring the seed of positivity,” commented another user.

Sharing a similar experience, a user remarked, “This is so cute. So, when I was in college my house help invited me at her place on my birthday and made dal Bari for me and her son whom I tie rakhi every year at that time must be 4-5 yrs old he made a card for me,it was my best birthday,” said another user.

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