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Video of Woman Playing A Ghost Prank On Mother Goes Viral

Video of Woman Playing A Ghost Prank On Mother Goes Viral

The mother was working on her laptop when the daughter decided to prank her.

Are you someone who is afraid of ghosts? Do you think that someone is constantly watching you when you are home alone? Fret not, it’s not only you, there are many who feel like this. In a video doing rounds on the internet, a woman played a ghost prank on her mother and her reaction was similar to any other who is afraid of ghosts. 

The video was shared by Instagram user Lara on October 25. The short clip shows the mother sitting on a sofa and working on a laptop kept on a table. Soon she notices there is a toy duck on the wooden floor near the carpet. Slowly, the toy begins to move. Initially, the mother doesn’t notice it. However, as the toy moved, the woman in the video started observing it. This same movement was observed two-three times. Intrigued by what’s happening, the woman starts staring at the toy and suddenly the toy duck gathers pace and moves very quickly, appearing as if someone kicked it like a football. Looking at this the woman is shocked and falls from the sofa. 

Watch the video here:

The short clip has amassed over 12.4 million views and over eight lakh likes. The video has been captioned as, “Haunted duck prank on mom,” Many users commented on this prank video. One wrote, “Nah it’s the way she kept taking off her glasses to see better!!” 

“Well i was expecting it and it still scared me . But but i can’t take something else “The way she took her glasses off to have a better view ” Damnnnn,” said a second. 

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However, many other users also said that it’s not safe to play such pranks on elders given health issues. A user commented,  “It is not funny, the possibility of her having a heart attack is very high, do not frighten the elderly in particular.”

A second user added, “I don’t know why people find scaring others funny..especially old they may have health issues such as high BP or any kind of heart issues..etc ..which puts them in danger because of some stupid prank!”

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