Woman Sues Her Boss After Mistaking ‘XX’ For Kisses In Email

Woman Sues Her Boss After Mistaking 'XX' For Kisses In Email

The lady labored for the agency from 2019 till her resignation in 2021.

A boss wrote ‘xx’ in an official e-mail, and one among his staff sued him for sexual harassment on the premise of that ‘offensive’ mail, experiences the BBC.

According to the news outlet, Karina Gasparova, who was an IT employee and a undertaking supervisor on the London workplace of essDOCS, an organization that gives “paperless commerce options”, sued her boss Alexander Goulandris for these emails and took the agency to the employment tribunal, claiming sexual harassment, discrimination, and unfair dismissal.

This is the textual content of the e-mail that Mr. Goulandris wrote to Karina, which was offered to the employment tribunal as proof within the case:

“Can you please full the next:

The resolution us presently utilized by xx Agris firms and yy Barge traces in corn cargoes in south-north flows within the ???? waterways.

Also, are you able to remind me of what the stability of the rollout will likely be and the approx. timing.


When describing this e-mail, Ms. Gasparova claimed that the letters “xx” stood for kisses, “yy” for sexual contact, and “????” was a veiled query requesting “when she can be prepared” to do sexual acts.

Ms. Gasparova stated earlier than the tribunal’s judges that she believed her boss had yelled at her as a result of he needed a sexual relationship and he or she had “rejected his advances.”

However, the employment tribunal at London Central Court decided that Karina Gasparova’s notion of the occasions was “skewed” after listening to the whole case and reviewing the proof she offered.

The Independent quoted Employment Judge Emma Burns as saying “Our main causes for rejecting her account of occasions had been that we thought-about her notion of on a regular basis occasions was skewed.

“She demonstrated a bent to make extraordinary allegations with out proof, and he or she contradicted herself in a manner that might not be attributable to a fallible reminiscence.

“Ms Gasparova interpreted fully harmless work-related conduct, a few of it unintentional, by Mr Goulandris as having a sinister intent.”

Additionally, Ms. Gasparova was ordered to pay essDOCS a considerable sum of 5,000 kilos (Rs. 513012).

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